About My name is Paul (Hrdez) Hernandez. I’m a freelance artist born and raised in the great land of Texas. Before I pursued a carreer as a fine arts painter & web designer at the Art Insitute of Austin, I was a self educated graphics artist who first pursued a short rebellious career in the underground graffiti art world in my early years before discovering the digital art world of computer graphics. I grew with it during its development years of the 90s.  Growing up I followed the early work of TomWest photography in car magazines, Robt. Williams “LowBrow” illustrations and Ed Roths drag toons T-shirts  -There is no school that can teach that! I also consider myself a true diehard drag race enthusiast and muscle car fanatic. When allowed by my wife and 3 boys I hide my projects just about everywhere. Today, I still prefer pencil/pen and paper to sketch ideas into reality.

The Blog In 2005 I decided to launch a little blog called ‘Hecho In Texas’ about diehard Texas drag racers of the golden age era of drag racing right from the heartland of Texas. It connects the past with the today -Go check it out!